The core competence of Sensoriis include documented expertise and experience in developing innovative biomedical sensors, especially non-contact and wearable sensors, and a mobile data management system with integrated machine learning algorithms.

These sensors, combined with  the Sensoriis Mobile Data Management System (SMDMS) lend themselves to high potential commercial biomedical applications in four specific areas:

  1. Research infrastructures
    Research and laboratory sensors and mobile data management systems using the zebrafish model; applicable to cardiac science, neuroscience, as well as drug and natural products development.

    The knowledge gained in the zebrafish model is also intended to be used for transfer learning which could be applied to the three areas described below.

  2. Wearable mobile digital health
    Non-contact and wearable electrocardiography (ECG) and electroencephalography (EEG) sensors and mobile data management systems for digital health in both consumer and clinical markets.

  3. Environmental health
    Innovative mobile sensing for environmental measures such as pH, lead and mercury.

  4. Maternal-fetal digital health
    Sensors for digital measures to evaluate progress of labor, including mobile non-invasive fetal ECG and heart rate monitoring for consumer and clinical applications.
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